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Comprehensive Testing Panels

Comprehensive testing panels give you the peace of mind you need by testing for multiple kinds of STDs. Exhibiting symptoms of one type of STD doesn’t always mean that you only have that one type. You can be infected with another STD that doesn’t show any symptoms; as a result, that STD if left untreated, can lead to severe health risks.

Which of these comprehensive testing panels is right for me?

The Comprehensive Panel with HIV 1 & 2 test package is recommended if you think you may have been recently exposed to the HIV virus. The HIV test searches for the genetic material of HIV in addition to its’ antibodies and antigens, allowing for earlier detection (in as little as 9-11 days after exposure). Getting tested for HIV is a simple process– just provide a small blood sample at a lab near you and be on your way in minutes.

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Common Questions About STD Testing

Private STD Screen makes STD testing a private and quick process. Get tested by selecting a testing center near you using your zip code.  With our confidential checkout, choose which Comprehensive Panel package  you wish to screen for STDs with. After checkout, go to your chosen testing center. Your STD testing can be done the same day as your purchase.

You do not have to set an appointment to receive an STD test. Since testing centers do not accept payment in person, you have to pay for your test online. Once your order has been placed, you can go to your chosen testing center and have your test done quickly. All testing centers are open during regular business hours. Some are even open on Saturdays, though we do recommend checking their hours on those days.

No, when you get tested at our testing centers, please note that they also screen for diseases other than STDs, so no one will know the specific diseases that you are being tested for.
The testing centers are designed to be comfortable and private, so there is no waiting area. You walk in, give your blood/urine samples, and walk out. On a whole, the testing process takes a total of about fifteen minutes.

Private STD Screen goes beyond standard testing protocol to ensure your testing experience is discreet and quick. Your results are not sent to an insurance companies. Your personal and billing info will never be released to a third party company.

Preparation is entirely dependent on the type of test you are taking. If you are taking a blood test for STDs such as HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B & C, oral herpes or genital herpes, then no preparation is required before the test. If you are taking a test that requires a urine sample, like chlamydia or gonorrhea, do not urinate for at least one hour prior to testing. There is no other preparation needed.

You can take your STD test as soon as you complete the checkout on your test. You can even take the test the same day at your chosen testing center.

STD tests usually take about 5 minutes. When you walk into any of the test centers, the technicians will ask for your confirmation that was given to you at checkout. This confirmation determines what they will need to screen for. There is no wait time or paperwork involved.

We do not require you to bring anything when you get tested other than your confirmation that was given to you at checkout. To complete the test, only a blood or urine sample is required. These samples will be collected when you arrive at the test center. Results are typically available within 3 days.


Why You Should Get Tested

Sexually transmitted diseases are one of the most overwhelming yet under-recognized health problems in the United States. Even though it is recommended to get tested every three months when you’re sexually active, the stigma surrounding STD testing makes it a sensitive subject instead of a common check-up.

Per the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, nearly 20 million new sexually transmitted infections occur every year and approximately 25% of Americans have some form of an incurable STD. To make matters worse, most STDs won’t display symptoms at first or will even display symptoms that can be mistaken for another illness, such as a yeast infection or the flu. Instead, those that are infected will remain completely unaware of their status, leading to them spreading the infection to others and not getting treatment until it is too late.

It’s no wonder that for Herpes alone, 85% of people who are infected don’t even know they have it. Chlamydia, one of the most common and curable STDs, will often not display symptoms until it is too late. As a result, 1 in 5 infected women will develop pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), resulting in reproductive issues and even infertility. Despite being the deadliest STD of all, 1 in 7 people who are infected with HIV do not realize that they are infected – their initial symptoms are usually shrugged off as the flu. Only until it is too late, when HIV turns into AIDS, do they realize that they are infected.

Long story short, not getting tested for STDs can be extremely dangerous as some STDs can have some life-threatening symptoms if they go untreated. STDs are usually stereotyped as a big joke – a mere annoyance, like an itch or burning sensation that just won’t go away. The truth is that untreated STDs can ruin more than just your physical health – it can ruin all of your life’s plans. Everything in your life can become tainted by an STD – having children, your relationships, even your life expectancy. The best cure is prevention, and the best way to prevent STDs is to get regularly checked.

At Private STD Screen, we believe in making STD testing readily accessible, striving for the utmost discretion, and delivering quick results. Our convenient checkout process makes buying a test a breeze. Just buy your test, go to a testing location near you, give your sample, and receive your results within a few days through our secure portal. No confusing paperwork, no long waits, and very discreet. Know your status today!